The essential addresses of our founder in Marrakech

As many of you already know the beginnings of Mauska were in Marrakech, the connection we have with this city is so strong that for us it has become an addiction,

We will share with you our favorite addresses and some other tips that may come in handy if you are thinking of going there.

We´ll start with the tips...

  • Currency: the currency is the Moroccan dirham and calculating the exchange rate could not be easier, 1 € is 10 dirhams more or less. It is better to change money while you are there and pay everything in dirhams or by credit card, not with euros.
  • To move the best is to do it in cab and if it is of the small ones better because they are cheaper. Before riding, even if it is exhausting, it is preferable to negotiate. To give you an approximate price we will tell you that a cab from the airport to the Medina can cost about 100 dirhams and from the Medina to the Majorrelle Garden about 40. 
  • Water: avoid drinking tap water and drinks with ice.
  • About safety in Marrakech we will tell you that it is a fairly safe city but, as in any big city, you have to be cautious. Beware of false guides who offer to help you because they can get you into trouble. 
  • When to go: if you can't stand the heat, the best time to go may be spring or autumn and we would avoid going during Ramadan because many stores change their opening hours and even close and people, by keeping fast until 7PM, they are without strength and more apathetic.

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Within the Medina our favorite restaurants or cafes are:

  • Nomad: a must visit in the heart of the Medina. The 360 degree view and the atmosphere is spectacular and the food is very good, if you like Moroccan pastilla this is your place, also has some date juices with avocado that are to die for. We love to go at sunset and watch the bustle from the calm.
  • La Famille: hidden in the labyrinth of the souk is this boutique restaurant that has a varied vegetarian menu as well as a very nice store with handicrafts and clothing.
  • Le Jardin: an emerald-colored haven of peace, it seems that you are entering an oasis.
  • Les Jardins du Lotus: hidden in the Medina between narrow streets is this restaurant in a restored house of the XIX century. The atmosphere of live DJs at night is great and the food is very good.

Outside the Medina there are many restaurantsbut we are going to tell you the ones that we think are the most spectacular:

  • Café de la Poste: with a colonial and majestic appearance, it transports you to other times, it owes its name to the fact that it was the old post office. The cuisine is mostly French.
  • Comptoir Darma: if you want to have dinner and at the same time have a good time and go out, this is your club. The place is spectacular and you will have a dinner enlivened by belly dancers.
  • La Trattoria: Italian restaurant located in a large old villa where you can enjoy a meal in a very relaxed atmosphere around a large swimming pool.
  • Le Palace: very chic restaurant with exquisite art deco decor and colonial touches. International food.
  • Kabana: located on a rooftop overlooking the Koutoubia, is a restaurant that is very fashionable and very cosmopolitan. An ideal place to have cocktails and enjoy live DJs.

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We are going to share with you addresses that may not appear in conventional guides but that have conquered us.

  • Moro: a concept store a few steps from the Majorelle Gardens that is worth a visit. They have an exquisite selection of different Moroccan fashion designers, jewelry, perfumes... They also have a small restaurant with very nice healthy food.
  • Marrakhsi life: this atelier store although it is far from the center is totally worth going, ask them to show you the workshop because it will leave you speechless, all garments are woven and handmade by old looms and is a spectacle. They take elements of traditional Moroccan clothing and rework them in a contemporary way creating collections of incredible beauty.
  • LRNCE: We had the opportunity to meet its founder Laurance because she worked in the same workshop as us in Marrakesh. In her studio you will find sandals, blankets and ceramics, a lot of ceramics, all made with local artisans and with a clear influence from Picasso.
  • “Le Palmerie" by quad: touring “Le Palmerie" of Marrakech by quad and watching the sunset there is a unique experience. You can take a cab to "Le Palmerie" and you will immediately see different agencies that rent quads.

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If you want a place with charm, we would choose a Riad, there are so many and each one more whimsical that it is difficult to recommend. 

  • Riad Up: it is a very nice Riad run by a Spanish woman. It is very well priced.
  • Riad l'Atelier: a paradise.
  • Beldi Country Club: about 10 minutes by cab from the Medina at the foot of the Atlas is this magical place, endless rose bushes, ancient olive trees, swimming pools ... is like entering a village formed by different riads and pavilions each more spectacular.
  • Berber lodge: it is far from Marrakech but it is a jewel. It is inspired by Berber architecture, built with adobe walls and terracotta floors. Ideal if you are looking to disconnect because it is a haven of peace.
  • La Mamounia: is the most famous luxury hotel in Marrakech. Although its prices are prohibitive, you can visit its gardens or have a cocktail in its wonderful piano bar.

And to finish, I wanted to share this photo in which I go out with my partner in the Kabana restaurant where we usually go.

I hope you find it useful!


We hope you find it useful!



Miren & team Mauska

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