Our beginnings in Marrakech

We want to open up a little bit more to you and what better way than doing it with a blog. Next we are going to tell you how Mauska started in January 2018.  

It all started with a trip of friends of our founder to Marrakech, as soon as she returned from there she was already buying the return ticket, she knew that there was the answer to what she wanted to do, there she spent a lot of time contacting different artisans until she discovered a small leather goods workshop on the outskirts of Marrakech, she immediately knew that this was the place where she had to start everything.

The experiences we have from the two years we worked there are wonderful, both personally and professionally. Not even the best master's degree in accessories could match the knowledge we acquired working side by side with these Moroccan craftsmen. It is true that their finishes could never match the "made in Spain" but they made up for the lack of technology with their expertise and, as their customers were foreigners and the owner had worked for many years in Europe, we understood each other perfectly.

And now you are probably wondering ..... if you were so happy, why did you stop working there...? Well, because, apart from the fact that the logistics gave us a lot of headaches, we saw that our designs were successful and that we were ready to take the risk and make the leap to produce in Ubrique, Spain. We wanted to offer our customer, apart from the best leathers, the best workmanship.  

Today we still have a very good relationship with them, in fact they are the ones who supply us with the Pasión bags that you like so much, bags with soul that carry the essence of Marrakech and that the locals use for absolutely everything.

Roughly, this was our beginning, maybe we chose the most difficult path but it was definitely worth it for everything we learned and enjoyed". 

Miren & team Mauska

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