At Mauska we guarantee the highest quality in all the materials we use, for us that is the real luxury.

As far as leather in concern, we source from two of the most prestigious European tanneries worldwide. All our hides are certified by the Leather Working Group (LWG), an organisation that evaluates the environmental compliance and performance of the leather industry.

Our hardware is designed by us.

You can help the item you buy last longer and thus reduce the environmental impact. For this we encourage our clients to:

Occasionally wipe the bag with a dry white cotton cloth.

Bags that are made of light skins are more susceptible to discoloration, avoid direct contact with dark garments that can fade.

If you are not going to use it in time, store it in the cardboard box in which it was delivered.

If stained, clean with a cleaning solution or, failing that, mix two glasses of distilled water with two drops of delicate colorless soap, slightly moisten a white cloth and apply small circular movements. Remove excess water, if any, let it dry and apply a protective cream. Always be gentle when cleaning or nourishing the bag, do not apply too much pressure.

Avoid exposing the bag to extreme heat, humidity, rain, rubbing and direct sun because it could cause discoloration or stains.

In the event that it gets wet, avoid using a dryer or another source of heat as it would considerably deteriorate the leather.

Avoid coming into contact with corrosive substances such as oil or alcohol.